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Customer DNS Delegation Form

Use this form to request delegation of DNS requests to your DNS servers.

Please fill out all fields completely. Missing or inaccurate information in your DNS request may cause delays. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for your request to be processed.

Contact Information
Company Name
Contact Name
Contact Phone # --
Contact Hours
Contact Email
Your Circuit
Full Circuit ID
Network (WAN) Address
City, State (ex: Orlando, FL)
DNS Information
IP Address Space you would like requests delegated for (Please specify your ranges in the following format):
xx.xx.xx.xx / nn (where nn is the slash notation of your network)
Your Primary DNS Server IP
Your Secondary DNS Server IP
Comments / Questions
NOTE: If you know of specific upcoming DNS changes that will significantly affect service to your domain, we strongly suggest that you plan ahead and notify us as far in advance as possible. We cannot guarantee you immediate service due to the volume of requests received.

NOTE: A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the "Contact Ema il" entered in the form above with the order number included. Please make sure that your e-mail SPAM filter allows the domain name as a safe sender.

If you have any questions about filling out this form or for any requests tha t cannot be handled through this form, please contact; hours of operation 8-6 central M-F.